Linda Tellington-Jones

Animals are our Teachers

What is Tellington TTouch Training?

Tellington TTouch Training is a gentle, respectful method of training, that honors the body, mind and spirit of animals and their people and develops trust between humans and animals.
The Tellington Method deepens the relationship with your animals, improves behavior, enhances performance, supports health and well-being and fosters learning. Developed by internationally recognized animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon), this method is based on cooperation and respect for all animals and their people.
The approach in the field of canines is widely accepted as a powerful method to improve behavior, enhance performance and health and teach a dog to learn willingly. It helps establish a deeper rapport and more effective connection and understanding between humans and their animals.
The components are:
Body work called Tellington TTouch. The circular TTouches can reduce fear and pain, enhance cellular function and communication and support the healing potential of the body.
Ground exercises called The Playground for Higher Learning.
And Tellington TTouch Training Equipment.
Source: ttouch.com

Tellington TTouch Training
A positive, gentle and effective way

  • To improve communication and relationship between you and your dog
  • That offers solutions to common behavioral and physical problems
  • That educates a dog to adapt to different situations
  • That enhances performance

The Tellington Method can help in cases of

  • Excessive Barking & Chewing
  • Jumping Up
  • Extreme Fear & Shyness
  • Excitability & Nervousness
  • Problems Associated With Aging
  • Leash Pulling
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Car Sickness

This gentle method is currently being used by animal owners, trainers, breeders, veterinarians, zoo personnel and shelter workers in several countries.

Source: ttouch.com