Beautiful Locations

Retreats for dogs and their Humans

Feeling, Experiencing, Sensing

My passion is to show people the amazing abilities and great love of dogs in general.
My vision is to support people in seeing their dogs with even more love, admiration, pride and passion. I’d like to encourage people to open up their heart for their dogs even more to gain a deeper relationship and higher appreciation for the life together.
Dogs as well as humans are only able to learn in stress free and relaxed situations. We will create those situations and retreat from daily routine and familiar habits to become open for new experiences. Because of new routines, new locations, new informations we will wire our brains in a new way which helps us to see new possibilities in our lives. This leads into more possibilities for our dogs too who are sensing our new energy. Now they are free and invited to show their real needs – and their greatness.
We will observe and feel our dogs with new eyes and an open heart, we will learn latest scientific news about dogs. We will spend a lot of time with our dogs, we will care for them with loving awareness, we will understand them in a new way. Everything in this retreats is for the best of our best friends.
Being together with like minded people sharpens our awareness of not being alone with our challenges and being supported by a loving, understanding and safe group of nice people. We exchange experiences. We help each other. We evolve together.
If you would love to attend a retreat in your home town just invite me and we will organize it in the comfort of your well known environment. Looking forward to seeing you!

Why attend these retreats?

Because we will celebrate our dogs!

The dogs are the celebrities during these days together. We are connecting with them in a deeper way and will offer them and ourselves a new kind of quality time. They are going to lead us through the days. They are our teachers.

♥ Our dogs are always the focus of all our activities
♥ We never will overwhelm or overwork our four legged friends
♥ Our beloved ones indicate what is possible for them and what is not
♥ Our puppies get numerous opportunities to demonstrate their amazing innate skills
♥ Our wonderful dogs assist us in increasing our mindfulness for not only them but us as well
♥ We do have plenty of time enjoying and sensing our dogs during these days
♥ We share our personal experiences with the retreat group
♥ We find ourselves in a protected and relaxed space with like-minded people, safe and loving
♥ The support we are offering each other is enormously precious
♥ We will learn from each others experiences
♥ These days are meant to help us to re-connect with our best friends and our heart
♥ We will enjoy nature and the hospitality of our hosts
♥ We do not train the dogs – we deepen our understanding for them which leads to a new handling
♥ We are reflecting our behaviors and patterns in order to deal with life differently