Dogs - what else?

In 2005 my dream came true!

I work, live and travel with dogs. As a dog sitter, a dog behaviorist, a dog counselor, a dog lover, a dog healer. It is absolutely magnificent each single day to have all kinds of dogs with me: big, small, medium, old, young, medium. Calm, excited, nervous, relaxed. Male, female, neutered. Doesn’t matter what the race is named I am grateful to learn from every one of them. And to spend time with this beautiful beings in nature as well as at home and to have them near and nearer.

They are my best teachers every single day. I love to observe their behavior which is so often different than at their home. I see their natural needs, their natural being and their natural communication. In my retreats and workshops I teach dog owners these observations and we become aware of the mirroring effect between dog and human beings. Very often dogs are showing us through their “unwanted” behaviour our problems, challenges, deseases and blockades.

My passion is helping people to become aware of their own life, their life style, their believes, their stresslevels, their state of happiness and awareness.

My goal is to help them to understand the bigger context between their human behaviour and the behaviour of their dog. I teach people to open up their hearts for their dogs, their situations and their lives which leads to a healthy, loving, joyful and peaceful life together.

My work is dedicated to dogs of course. My biggest wish is to help the world to understand and honor the personalities of dogs more often and let dogs just be dogs.

Please invite me to your place if you want me to hold a retreat or a workshop or private lessons.

A quote from Marc Bekoff Ph.D.
“Dogs matter because they’re alive, have intrinsic value, and are feeling beings.”

Dogs matter because they can serve as members of a “gateway” species who help people bridge the empathy gap by extending goodwill toward individuals of other species who are routinely abused and killed by humans in different venues, and by being more consistent in how they feel about other animals, (See “Walking a Dog Can Help Us Walk the Talk about Other Animals” and links therein.) These other animal beings do not suffer less than dogs when they’re mistreated and abused, so it’s important to ask, “Why the disconnect?” and “Why are there rampant and blatant inconsistencies in how dogs (and other companion animals) are treated and how non-companion animals are treated?”

Let dogs be dogs

Let’s welcome in 2019 by focusing on why dogs (and, of course, other animals) matter. And let’s do all we can to give each and every individual the very best life possible in an increasingly human-dominated world. And, let dogs be dogs and recognize that each and every dog is a unique individual with a unique personality and view of the world.”

Marc Bekoff, Ph.D., is professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and co-founder with Jane Goodall of Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.