Dogsitting and Boarding


Loving, Professional and Experienced Dogsitting and Boarding

Since 2005 I have been lucky enough of offering loving, caring, professional and passionate dog sitting and boarding service for all kind of dogs. A big dream came true!

Your dog is always with me and the other guest dogs during the day and night in my house as if they were living with me. I am always with the dogs, they are never left alone. I don’t use kennels or boxes, the dogs are allowed to stay in every room they want to – all doors are always open. We are a big family in here.

My goal is giving your dog a wonderful time with us. I’d like to see your dog just happy and content and having a great day with us. Therefore a short get together beforehand is highly recommended before the first caring day. You and your dog are invited to visit with me to see the house, to take a sniff and to sense each other. This short visit will help your dog – and you, and me – to feel more confident the first time of day care.

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Day care (approximately 9am to 5pm), two nature walks included, CHF 75.-
Boarding per day, nature walks included, CHF 95.-

Please bring your own dog food as well as the dog bed or blankets or everything your dog needs to feel safe and well.

Pick up and drop off from your home, CHF 20.- per day

What’s included?

Get together to get familiar with each other for making the first day of care easier for your dog

Your dog is looked after 24 hours a day

Even at night your darling is not alone, he can choose his own place to sleep in our home

No kennels or boxes

Your dog can choose to lie down and be anywhere in our home and is never alone

We take at least 2 beautiful, inspiring walks a day in nature

If your darling is homesick or stressed, they can get help with
Tellington TTouch or essential oils

Your furry friend gets the usual food, please bring it with you

We celebrate long cuddling times

Every day we take a lunch nap together