Vancouver – Hope

Amazing, awesome, alright

One week since we arrived in Vancouver. One week since we live with Okanagan, our best friend on 4 wheels. One week since we are exploring and experiencing BC nature. And it is just a dream!

First thing was to visit Vancouver City. I never drove in Vancouver, I never drove a 6 m Van in Vancouver. I just wanted to go to English Beach Bay to show Cora my favorite spot in the city. Thanks to the navigation system which leads me around the city instead of driving thru it, we found the beach easily. I was so excited to see this spot again and having my beloved doggy girl with me. We went to the water where Cora tasted the salty water and met some Canada geese. They were to big to chase… ;-) She decided to take a bath and was very engaged in the very different smells offered in the water, in the sand, on grass, at trees and so on. She took her time to get familiar with all this new impacts and it was a joy to watch her and to imagine what all these scents are telling her. After 30 minutes she was really tired and we went back to our motor home where she got fresh water and a snack before she hopped on to our bed having a nap. I strolled a bit thru the streets to Canada Place where the huge cruise ships land and start. What a joy to be here!

Coherence Healing in Surrey

I was lucky enough to meet some Vancouver geniuses for a empowering energy healing on Saturday. 12 ladies gathered and shared healing moments and loving energy. Of course Cora took part and found her place on the sofa of our beautiful host Simona. My heart blossomed a bit more seeing her enjoying all the foreign people and taking over her space for the healing too. We all loved to meditate and to elevate the coherence not only in our bodies as well as in the room we were in. So immensely happy and grateful for the generosity of Simona who opened her house for us.

Heading east

Open hearted and full of curiosity Cora and I started our journey east. We stopped for a night in Hope where I did all the things a camper has to do: connect to fresh water, connect to electricity, connect to the sewer. It took a little time but I did it – without greater accidents… (I just got a little wet). We were surrounded by big trees and within a 5 minute walk Cora could enjoy her evening bath in a beautiful small river. The campground was still quiet at that time of the year and we had a peaceful and cool night with Okanagan. This little motor home becomes more and more our friend. We really like him and he is doing a great job. Nice to have such a loyal home with us.