Travel and Arrival

We did it!

Wow – sitting in our beautiful motor home in British Columbia and writing our travel story…. What an epic moment for Cora and myself.

My goal was to travel with one bag only, one hand luggage and Coras flight box. After a series of packing and repacking and packing and repacking my luggage we finally started on a rainy Tuesday morning in Pontresina, Switzerland. I am glad I bought a bigger car recently otherwise Coras flight box wouldn’t have had fit in my old car. Good decision.

Airport with Cora
After our arrival at the airport my friend Ernst waited for us already. I had asked him to help me finding my way with Cora through the airport and to stand besides me emotionally in the moment Cora was taken over from the airport staff and disappeared to back stage. I am so very happy he was with us!

We found the check in for me then were sent to a second check in for dogs. Everybody was very kind an helpful to a little helpless and internal nervous dog owner like me. We needed some stickers “Alive Animals” and some stickers which shows the upside and downside of the box… ?? … This sticker made me a little bit more nervous. But I just trusted the staff that they would be able to see Cora inside and treat her with caution. I sticked a little text on the top of the box where I shortly introduced Cora to the airport staff and asked for caring and patient treatment.

We got some time before Cora had to move in to her secure flight home and we went to a quiet place where I offered Cora some calming oils to sniff. She was doing so very well so far! Amazing dog. She was supposed to enter her box 90 minutes before take off. These were the last minutes with her before we stepped in to the unknown – both at a time.