Hope – Christina Lake

Where to go?

Heading east for Calgary. That’s the goal. But how to decide which way? What is the next stop for the night? Is there a camp ground available? Let’s ask the internet and the old fashioned paper map of British Columbia. How many km may I reach that day? I found out that I am a slow driver as I am watching the environment and the nature with great pleasure. Thanks to all the drivers who meet me on the highways and are patient enough to follow me without stressing. I love the canadian way of driving!!

Again: where do we want to stay tonight? I decided for Christina Lake as Cora needs her morning and evening and in-between baths. I checked the campgrounds in this area and found one which was rated with 4 stars near the beach. Ok – let’s find it.

The scenery

The scenery was changing on this tour every 1.5 hour. First forest and mountain vegetation. Wild and pure. Coming down the mountain there appeared green gras lands, goats, horses, cattle. They water the huge gras lands to get the best hay out of it. Stunning. Out of nothing there were wine yards, fruit plantages and the temperatures became a bit more warmer then before. A little bit of a Tuscany feeling came up. Not for long. Up the hill it got again more wild, forests, rocks and rivers. Beautiful. I was watching out for bears – they were busy elsewhere…

We drove up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill. A short break here and then to take some pictures and on the road again. As we entered Christina Lake I found the campground I had chosen for this night. And what to say? It was just awful. I was a backyard of someones property where 4 camper trailer were parked yet and everything seemed to be very old and not so pretty. Happily the office was closed already and I could creep away very fast.

Where to sleep?

Good question. We first went to the beach for Coras evening bath. We met two dogs having fun playing ball in the water and on the beach. They really enjoyed it. Cora just wanted to have her bath and then sniffing all around. The longer we travel together the more I observe her sniffing and smelling a lot. This is the way she learns a lot about where we are and experiences our journey her way. I am so touched to watch this and just follow her and be one step behind her. I love it!

Google showed me a Provincial Park with a Campground 13 km away. Next to the lake. Nestled into a forest and a rocky coast. We went for it. We had to leave the highway and follow a small, steep road down to the water. I already talked to the universe and was immensely grateful for this other ugly campground which brought us to a magical and natural place. Texas Creek. Huge sites, fire pits, tables and a view at the lake thru some trees. The first sign I saw said : Pet Beach!!!!! Welcome Cora!

A friendly lady on a kind of golf cart welcomed us, told us how it works here and charged for the night. And what did we do next? Yes, we went to the pet beach and Cora was having another evening bath with golden sunshine on a very quiet lake. Paradise! What a gift to were lead to this place.

Let’s go? No.

It was too pretty, the weather was too beautiful, it was too peaceful. We stayed one more night. Had a morning at the pet beach completely alone. Had a little nap around noon. Had another walk to another beach. Cora had all of her baths and I had all of my heart open for every moment we were sharing. What a blessing!