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British Columbia 2019

First time traveling with a dog overseas
Exciting. Challenging. Unknown.
Never before I flew with a dog. I wasn’t ready for it. The doubts were stronger than my desire to spend time with Cora overseas. Therefore I went several times alone but always missed Cora terribly in the beautiful nature and wilderness especially in Canada.

2019 British Columbia was calling me stronger and stronger. 2019 I wasn’t able to decide for traveling alone as usual. We’ve got an entire month off which means Cora has to come with me because I am not willing to leave her at home for this long time. The time is right to do things differently as before.

Overcoming old beliefs
I needed help to make this true. So I worked with a coach who helped me to overcome my concerns about the long and “dangerous” flight for my dog. I started to investigate all I could get about flying with dogs. I talked to clients of mine who fly in one to two times from US to Switzerland a year. I talked to the airline and asked everything about the procedure. Where to check in, how to make sure the dog is on board, what is needed for the flight, where do I have to go to get Cora in Vancouver, does she need medications? I asked my vet and he was positiv about it too. The traffic light was on – green.

Ok, so far so good.

I was feeling more and more comfortable with this new possibility. As a result I started to research where to stay, how to travel in British Columbia with my four legged angel. I easily found a swiss family who immigrated 20 years ago to Vancouver who are running a rental service for motor homes. I contacted them, not sure whether dogs are allowed in motor homes. Guess what: of course dogs are allowed!

Just do it
I booked the motor van for 4 weeks and as a goodie, we will be picked up at Vancouver Airport directly after our landing and do spend the first night at their home in Vancouver. Could it be better?

Green traffic light…

My confidence in this adventure was growing and growing. I booked the flights. And I felt I needed a bit of support on the day of departure. I asked a friend near Zürich to be with me at the airport with checking in and being my emotional backup for the moment Cora in her flight box will disappear to the animal room waiting for the flight. I am working on my heart coherence, my confidence, my trust, my love of life, my curiosity for life, my love for adventure every day since I booked the flights. To fly with my beloved dog is a very special moment for me. There are two sides of the medal. A little bit of worry and sorrow and fear. On the other side a lot of freedom, joy, presence and the gift to make new experiences together. I know, this is going to be a very intense, amazing, loving and life changing journey for Cora and me.

Following my soul
My intention is just to follow my heart. There are some spots I am going to visit to see some friends and spending some time with Canadian people. I want to explore and feel the wilderness. I want to stay at Vancouver Island at the seaside. I want to go with the flow. I want to trust the unknown. I want to let life celebrate the life. I want to deeply feel the connection with nature and my soul. And I am immensely grateful to share all these moments with Cora and you – here on this Blog.

To be continued…