Changing Energy


Energy Healing

“What gives life to matter is energy. Every form and structure of life—from humans, to plants, to plankton, down to the cell—has an energy field around it. That field creates a pattern around the life form, and that pattern also exists as energy in the field. Most people think that matter is emitting some type of vibration, light, or information, or that it’s matter which is emitting the field. But according to the quantum model of reality, it’s not matter that emits the field—it’s the field that creates matter.”
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Applied quantum physics

What does that mean? Everything this energy ccording to Quantum Physics. There is energy with higher frequencies and energy with lower frequencies – matter. Energy Healing or Coherence Healing changes the energy in the electromagnetic field around every being. It holds the already existing possibility of wholeness und health in the field around this being.Through logging in into higher frequencies by meditation this higher frequency carries information which attaches to the cells of the body. The cells are increasing their frequency too which helps them to fulfill their highest purpose: regenerate and heal. This means the body heals itself.
Whether it’s physical limitations, mental stress, challenging situations that we and / or our animals experience, Coherence Healing helps bring everything back into balance.
It is just great! Everything is possible! Really everything, even what we can not imagine yet. The possibilities, the potentials, the opportunities in the quantum field are infinite. What a freedom! What a chance!

The results are amazing every time

We are witnessing changes we wouldn’t believe if we couldn’t see it happen again and again. Dog Cora, for example, with a back stenosis runs and plays from time to time like a puppy, not like a 12-year-old dog lady with serious back problems. Our veterinarian wonders every time that she is still running ….
A freshly operated cat who did not return to her feet after surgery, did not eat, did not want to get out, had no interest in anything, thrived after just one treatment and behaved normally and her operated eye healed in record time …
A cat, with dementia was screaming a lot out of sheer disorientation became more relaxed, the screaming became less and less often and he felt altogether more comfortable and is improving day by day.
Well, those wonderful results – in the true sense of the word: FULL OF WONDER – leave me no choice: this way of supporting the natural health of living beings, I would like to offer to everybody. My soul calls for doing this work, making that contribution to changing the world we know by applying new findings and latest science, and simply making a difference in the universe. For the highest good of all of us.

Healing Sessions

The sessions are mostly remote treatments. I just need a photo of the animal. One session takes about 30-45 minutes. You are not supposed to do anything special during the session. Since energy and consciousness are nonlocal, it does not matter where you or your animal are during the treatment. Of course it would be nice if you could take your time and concentrate on the health of your darling during the treatment as well. Before doing so, we closely look at the symptoms so that you will be able to notice any changes after the treatment, which in turn will help you get more involved in this type of support, which in turn will help your pet regenerate faster as your increased energy has an immediate effect on them.
Please contact me if you have any questions.