Kirsten Bollinger

Spiritual Dog Care

Spiritual Dog Care?

Let’s have a look what Spirituality means, at least for me:

- Experiences beyond the body
- Experiences beyond the mind

So what do I do regarding the dog care? What is that spiritual way?

Just seeing them as they are. Not as a male or female, not as a breed, not as a character, not as a this or that.
Just feeling the magnificent life they are. Just living with them in which ever way possible or needed in a given moment. Experiencing all the situations as they are. Being present. Feeling my heart overflow with love, joy, trust and gratitude. Feeling their love, joy, trust and gratitude for our time together.

Let's experience our dogs in a new way

My offer

Learn about the CORA – principles
Coherence & Caring
Observation & Opportunities
Receiving & Remembering
Awareness & Awe
Are you ready for a completely new approach to enhance your life with your dog? From heart to heart.
If yes here is your opportunity becoming more loving, more aware, more healthy, more joyful, more grateful, more bonded.

My passion

Living with and enjoying dogs in all facets of their amazing being. Showing people all about the beautiful and varied abilities of their dogs.

My mission

Supporting people in increasing their compassion, pride, love, admiration and understanding of dogs without using old methods or trends or some old beliefs around dogs. I just enable people to open up their hearts even more for their beloved companions.

My experience

I am lucky enough spending the majority of my days with dogs of all shapes, races, ages, breeds, sex, sizes. I celebrate and adore their inate skills of peaceful communication, dealing with new situations, trusting capabilities and being in the present moment. Newest scientific findings addressing the emotions of canines more and more. If we are willing to really connect with our loved furry friends from our hearts and feelings the energy of love for me it is the most sustainable way to live with dogs. This often leads to an even deeper and awesome new relationship between dogs and human beings. What a gift!
I travel where ever you want me to be. I am following the call of celebrating our lives with these amazing, magnificent, beautiful and most loving creatures on this planet!