Coherence, Opportunities, Receiving, Awareness


Anderer Umgang mit Hunden – von Herz zu Herz

The purpose of CORA Dog Awareness Center is to increase the common consciousness for dogs. For their needs, for their amazing innate skills and abilities, for their fantastic senses and their unconditional love for us.

If we allow they will teach us a life in joy, love, being in the present moment and believe it or not in humanity.
They are able to support us in becoming more aware, more conscious and more understanding for their as well as our needs. They will show us how well they are already coping with all of what is occuring in a life with a human partner and why they sometimes cannot. They are asking us to get them and us back into balance. They are leading us to learn how to help ourselves and them in challenging moments. They very clearly show us how important our inner feeling, our beliefes and our energy is.

Working for more than 15 years with all kinds of dogs I was able to work on my own coherence, I was able to observe dog behaviour in all kinds of situations, I received lots of insights and deep understanding as well as love and I became much more aware of the fantastic skills dogs are bringing with them already. I feel blessed and I am immensely grateful for all I learned from my most important teacher: Cora

CORA – Coherence, Opportunities, Receiving, Awareness

How much stress do we have in our lives? How conscious of our state of being are we? What kind of energy are we living in and with and how big is our energy field around us? Are we radiating good vibes or bad vibes? Coherence means order, rhythm. Do we function in order or out of order? What does that mean for our dogs? How do they have to response to our state of being? How can we change our energy?
Humans – us, is the only species that is able to change our energy and emotions on demand. With easy effort. Sustainable. For the greatest good of ourselves and the ones we live with; our beloved dogs. Let’s do it.

Living with a dog brings a lot of different opportunities with it. Are we able to take them? How narrow or wide is our view on life? How open are we to new experiences and new unknown opportunities? How much can we trust the unknown? How about changing our behaviors instead of changing the dogs? We learn to observe our dogs in certain situations and correlate that to our state of being. Are we able to step into a new and exciting future? Do you know how your future looks and feels like? We will learn how to create an exciting future – for your dog and you.

Do you remember your longing for a dog? Why do you want to live with a dog? What was the idea? What emotions do you feel by thinking of your dog? I guess joy and love and playfulness and caring and having a friend were some of your ideas. We connect again with these feelings and receive a glimpse of the bigger picture we are in. We get a greater view for certain moments and emotional states in our existence. We will be able to receive clearer and deeper messages from our pets. I promise; your dog is loving it! And so will you.

Are you aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions? Are you aware of the feelings and emotions of your dog? Are you aware of the mirroring effect? Is a so called behavior problem your dog shows the problem of the dog only? What is your part of that equation? Can you change your behavior and limitations first in order to help your dog to behave different? Do you really know what your dog needs in certain situations? Do you really know what you need in certain situations? We will sharpen your awareness and getting you into awe. For the most loving and exciting life with your beloved dog!

My offer

Teaching the CORA – principles
Coherence & Caring
Observation & Opportunities
Receiving & Remembering
Awareness & Awe

Are you ready for a completely new approach to enhance your life with your dog? From heart to heart.

If yes here is your opportunity becoming more loving, more aware, more healthy, more joyful, more grateful, more bonded.

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